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Established 1998,
our foundation is years deeper

beautiful finished paved driveway in Charlton by J. Taylor

John Taylor grew up next door to Cook’s Farm in Charlton, where he enjoyed working as a youngster until he took a paved detour in his mid-teens.

It was a summer job doing paving work for a local asphalt company. John and paving quickly caught on with each other.
John Taylor, J.Taylor Paving
John Taylor
“I worked 25 years for companies in Worcester and Northbridge running the pavers, driving trucks and what I like the most — running the bulldozer!” John recalls. “ I did all phases of driveway paving, from digging out old driveways and reconstructing from scratch to resurfacing and new construction.

“In time I also did a lot of the estimating and found that, more often than not, the amount of asphalt specified on the estimate was not what the contractors provided. That frustrated me.

“I gave my own business a try in 1998 and it’s worked out very well. I wanted people to trust my word, and to this day they can.

"I found that you can do the work as promised and still make a profit — Good Honest Work.”

Full array of equipment makes J. Taylor Paving best contractor choice

Fully equipped to give you the edge in performance time and quality

Many paving contractors show up to do jobs with only a Bobcat or skid steer machine to do the prep work, and that works fine if you're only touching up existing gravel or adding gravel or even smaller simple dig outs. But what happens if you run into a really big rock or a stump?

They usually just get buried "out of sight out of mind." We have a full-sized backhoe for digging stumps, rocks or laying drainage pipe if needed.. We have two dozers — the bigger one works well for big dig outs and heavy excavating and the small dozer is good for smaller jobs and perfect for fine grading driveways.

We also have two rollers, both vibratory. The larger one is perfect for heavier fills of gravel or fill, and the smaller one is what we use for paving and lighter applications of gravel. We also have small vibratory plate compactors for use near buildings and tight areas.

You can trust the job will be done right and efficiently with our equipment.

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