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Give the people what you say
you’re going to.

Doing all the steps correctly
may cost more, but I will
do the job properly.
and not just rush through it.

This is my philosophy on
asphalt paving service,
and it's worked out very well
for me and my customers.

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John Taylor,
Charlton, Massachusetts

Paving results in Charlton
 Customer review: J.Taylor PavingJust wanted to say thank you to you and your team. We are very happy with your hard work and attention to detail. Our driveway looks great and it's exactly as we wanted it. Quick, efficient and solid work. We will definitely recommend J. Taylor paving. Thanks again!!

 Customer review: J.Taylor Paving We had our driveway paved by John Taylor 8 years ago when we built our house and we recently had him back to put on the top coat. He remembered the exact details of when he first did the job. He always returned any of our phone calls promptly and was very timely in giving us quotes and completing the job. The quality of his work and customer service is exceptional; we would highly recommend him."

 He did a great job with my driveway. He really spent the time with me to get the design laid out very well. ... He really worked well with the buildiers as far as grading and all. They really worked well together to get that done."

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He was the one person out of everyone I called
that actually took the time to come out and see
the driveway and put a little thought into it.
He treated it like it was his driveway.

"I got the feeling he wasn’t going to leave until it was just
the way he wanted it. He took the time to get it right,
and with the winter we had I’m really happy
at the way it’s holding up.

 After somebody else did the work we had problems with frost and that's why we had Taylor Paving come in and rebuild it, and it came out fine. John was certainly more knowledgable about the water.end quote
John Taylor applies top coat of aslphalt pavement

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