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Serving Central Massachusetts Towns
Charlton • Auburn • Dudley • Oxford
Leicester • Southbridge • Sturbridge
Spencer • East Brookfield
Brimfield and vicinity

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Good Honest Work - our motto

We're very good
at asphalt paving

I’ve been paving asphalt driveways and walks a long time. We're a family paving contractor, that includes my son Jake and my longtime crew members and friends, Pete and Antonio.

We go the extra mile in digging out a driveway, and we do the utmost to make sure your asphalt driveway is going to last. When I give a paving estimate you can trust what you’re going to get. Just ask my customers.

It’s our motto, on all our trucks: “Good, Honest Work.”  Learn more, and then relax.


Signature of John Taylor, Charlton MA asphalt paver

   John Taylor
   Charlton, Mass.

and we've got the tools
for any paving challenge

J. Taylor's fleet is complete

We have the right equipment to do even the toughest of jobs. Read more ...